Chelsea Heights Hairdresser & Hair Cuts

After having my hair completely ruined two weeks before my wedding i was in some serious distress. I was in tears and did not know what to do?

I rang a few friends for advice and finally one came to my rescue and recommended Cristina Mordaunt from Behind The Chair Frankston Hair.  I was in a state of ruin confused tearful and lost. My hairdresser at Frankston had completely let me down and had turned my blonde natural hair into a pinky red colour when i was there only for a keratin treatment. Two weeks out from my wedding i did not know what to do.


Luckily i met Cristina !!! She knew straight away what to do and explained to me everything my hairdresser had done wrong. So in my thanks to her i decidied to create this page in case anyone else ever needed saving at their wedding time.

Not all hairdresser are the same!!

In my previous choice of hairdresser i mistakingly went cheap and paid the price. After they ruined my hair they still had the cheek to ask me to pay!!

I could not believe it. Cristina has been a hairdresser for over 15 years and assured me it is a common mistake amongst apprentice hairdressers they wanted to charge $240 for pink/red hair when i had only gone in for hair straightening not hair colour. Behind the Chair Chelsea Heights saved my very special day. She worked from home and her family were absolutly amazing people from her helpful husband to everyone in the family unit. I will never ever do cheap again when it comes to hair.

Behind the chair saved my special day

If your in need of that someone special or have a special day planned i highly recommend Cristina. hair products also were amazing and she actually arranged free hair products for my special day courtesy of hair house warehouse. So all well that ends well but i am warning everyone and anyone if you have a special day planned such as a wedding do not go near cheap when it comes to hair!!

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